A Quick Guide on Roof Fire Rating

Apart from material, colour and fashion, fire evaluation is a vital matter to consider when getting a new roof. It is essential to know what these ratings are when selecting roofing materials.

Course A

The maximum fire rating for roofs is Class A. To get a roof to obtain this rating, it must have the ability to withstand extreme fire exposure.
Class A roof is the most recommended by roofing repair and installation specialists. These materials usually last two to four hours prior to ignition.

Course B

Class B roof works nicely against moderate fire exposure. Popular Class B roofing includes pressure-treated shakes and shingles. Class B roof materials normally last an hour till they ignite.

Class C

You can only get light fire protection against Class C roofing. These substances are not great for roof covering.


Roofing substances which did not even pass the requirements for the Class C score are considered unrated. They offer little to no fire resistance and should be prevented by homeowners. Building codes also ordinarily do not permit the use of unrated building materials.

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