Benefits of a Metal Roof Throughout the Winter

Roofs are a part of the house that people rarely think about. But they keep you warm in winter and cool in the summermonths — consequently saving you money on monthly gas and electric bills. Your roof’s material can affect temperature regulation within the house. Read about the advantages of a metal roof throughout the winter, and how it can keep your home warm and cozy for the entire season.

Less Snow and ice During Winter

Snow does not usually stick to metal surfaces, especially slanted ones. A well-maintained metal roof keeps snow from building up and causing structural damage or leaks within your house. In an asphalt roof, snow can accumulate and cause severe damage. This can result from the absolute weight of the snow or protracted exposure.

Metal roofs, particularly those with snow guards, make sure that snow does not rest on top of your home. Snow guards are the pointed teeth-like objects onto a metal roof which split up big chunks of snow and make certain entrances and paths remain secure. They also prevent ice dams
and congestion.

Heated Shingles for Extra Ice Protection

If you require more protection from snow and ice during the winter months of winter, metal roofing supplies you with the choice of heated shingle installation. Heated shingles keep your roof completely free from snow and protect against ice dams. Your roof will not break if ice can’t form.

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