What Happens To Your House With No Gutters

What makes a house? Walls, a roof, a floor, and a few doors and windows. Do you need a basement for a home to be a home? No. Would you want gutters? That depends.

We Had Gutters

Did your home have gutters, and over the years it dropped them? Decay, rust, era, snow, and ice — gutters can fail for several reasons. The foundation walls stay dry and undamaged when gutters work.

Having a basement — many Michigan homes have basements — water status next to your foundations weakens it to the point at which you may need serious and costly foundation repair.
What happens to a home with no gutters, when it once had gutters, is a gloomy series of disagreeable expenditures:

  • Water infiltration
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Foundation fractures

You can avoid substantial outlay on important repairs by investing in new, glossy seamless gutters now.

We Never Had Gutters

Some homes — homes with particular qualities — do not need gutters. A home without a basement or a home with exceptional landscaping drainage might not even need gutters. Rain can roll off the roof all around your home and drain away from the walls, thanks to gravity.
If you do not care where the water leaks after it leaves your roof, then you can get by without a gutters.
If, though, you never had gutters but possess some of the next issues, gutters will definitely help:

  • Standing water near the Home
  • Water flowing into parts of your yard you would prefer to keep drier
  • Additions into a home that require better drainage, like a mother-in-law apartment or a new attached garage
  • Your landscaping lately changed
  • Water staining, splattering and streaking in your siding

When unsure, ask the regional roofing and gutter specialist for a review and written opinion. The worst of what happens to a house without a gutters is a plunge in home value.

Side Effects

Many different sections of your Michigan home are affected by poor gutter performance or no gutters at all. Siding and windows take a beating from water splashing against them spattering dirt and sand up from the landscaping. Water could also infiltrate behind the siding.

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